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Frequently Asked Questions by Tenants

If you have a question and cannot see the answer here, please contact us.

Q. What details do I need to provide to the letting agent or landlord?

If you download the Pre-Tenancy Questionnaire and Consent form from the Tenant Document Vault you will see all the information required to compete your application. This must be completed with all contact, employment and personal details. Should any information be incomplete this will delay your application. In order that your application proceeds without delay, contact all the referees you have provided and ask them to respond to our email enquiries as soon as possible.

Q. Once we have found the property we want to rent, what do we need to do?

When you have found a suitable property then you will need to fill in applications forms. These can be downloaded from the Tenant Document Vault or you can call in to the relevant office and Rooftops staff will help you complete them.

All persons 18 years or over will complete an application form and will be named on the Tenancy Agreement.

Your application form is then sent to our credit agency where suitable references will be asked for on behalf of our client.

Q. Do we have to pay an administration fee?

An administration fee is applicable to each person being referenced to show a commitment that you wish to take the property. The administration fee is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful or you withdraw from taking the property.

Q. Are there any other fees involved?

No other fees are payable to the Letting Agent. The only other payment you need to make is for the 1st month’s rent and deposit in cleared funds before the start of the Tenancy.

Q. What happens to our deposit?

The deposit is held by Rooftops Letting and Management as stakeholders or passed onto the Landlord if we do not manage the property. The Landlord or your agent must protect your deposit using a government authorised tenancy deposit scheme.

Q. Who does the Inventory and can we check it?

Rooftops Letting and Management will provide an Inventory (Schedule of Condition) of the property on most occasions before you have moved into the property. A copy will be given to you at the commencement of your Tenancy and it is important that you check and sign the Inventory with any comment clearly outlined as it will form a basis for any claim by your Landlord should there be any damages or differences.

Q. Where do I the Pay the rent?

The first month’s rent and deposit is paid to the Letting Agent, and thereafter a standing order will be signed by the Tenant to either the Agent, if they are managing the property, or the Landlord if they are not. Rooftops will advise you on who is looking after the property.

Q. What will happen if I fail to pay my rent?

If you fail to pay your rent and fail to respond to the letting agents or Landlord’s communications with respect to the outstanding arrears, the letting agent or Landlord will submit a request for possession, issuing to you the requisite notice for possession.

Q. What if I lose my job and cannot afford to pay my rent?

If you lose the financial means to pay your rent, contact your letting agent or Landlord immediately and explain your situation. You will find they will be sympathetic to you situation and even may, subject to the approval of their client (if an agent) come to a short-term arrangement. However failure to make contact, or reply to rent demands will put you in a weak position and remove the possibility of an arrangement being put into place. This will lead to the possibility of possession proceedings and a default being registered against you.

Q. What do we do if there is a problem at the property?

This depends on who is managing the property. If Rooftops are the Managing Agent then you contact the relevant Rooftops Office and we will sort out the problem as quickly and efficiently as possible. If the Landlord is looking after the property you will be given contact numbers and you contact them directly.

Q. I’m a joint tenant, what happens if the other tenant stops paying their share of the rent

All Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreements are joint and several, this means should a person who is joint tenant fail to pay their share of the rent and subsequently the account goes to the default stage, both parties will be joined in the possession process, and a default will be registered against both parties, including judgment for possession of the property.

Q. I’m a joint tenant with a guarantor, what happens if the other tenant stops paying their share of the rent

If you are a joint tenant and a condition of the Tenancy was for you supply a suitable guarantor to support your application, in the event of a default the letting agent or Landlord will look to the guarantor for payment irrespective of which Tenant has not paid their share of the rent. In short, the guarantor is underwriting the whole Tenancy and not just an individual Tenant.

Q. What are the Tenant’s obligations?

All Tenant obligations are detailed in the Tenancy Agreement that you sign when you take possession of a property. It is important that you pay attention to all the details laid out in the Agreement so that you are aware of your obligations throughout the Tenancy.

IF you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact Rooftops.


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