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Team - Cheshire Property Management, Lettings and Rentals UK

Rooftops Letting and Management have established one of the finest Letting Teams in the South Manchester area.

All our staff have extensive knowledge of the areas they work in, the houses, the schools and the businesses, giving you the client a true picture of the area you are looking to rent in.

Our staff are trained in-house and have had extensive ARLA training on all aspects of the Lettings Industry. Many have ARLA qualifications and we have an on-going training schedule to get all staff ARLA qualified.

Our staff consist of:


- Charlotte Gray
- Alison Stiegler
Sue Howard
Janet Lancashire


- Hazel Buckley
- Ruth Driscoll
- Emily Rocca

- Annabel Stenhouse
- Hazel Buckley
- Alison Stiegler
- Emily Rocca


- Angela Swinden
- Angie Arnold

Hale / Altrincham

- Joanne Dervin
- Sue Eaton


- Rob Blease
- Susan Hallas
- Jo McLernon